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Palestinian Statehood: So what next?

UN General Assembly recognises Palestine.

In the early hours of this morning, it was announced that the United Nations General Assembly had voted to recognise Palestine as a “Non-Member State”, by a majority of 138 for to 9 against. Well, as majorities go, that’s pretty damn convincing.

So, what does it mean for Palestine?

Well, if you believe every word the antagonists (Israel, US, among others) tell you – then this will make no difference to the situation on the ground unless Palestine continue negotiations. Shifting any responsibility from Israel. However, if Israel and Hamas negative responses to the UN vote is an indicator, then the situation between the two nations remains very hostile. It all seems that Mahmoud Abbas is trying to push for a reasonable resolution, while everyone else insists on being unreasonable and unco-operative.

Maybe the vote shows just how much support Palestine has from the international community. The majority of nation states voted for status as a “non-member observer”, but none of those were the most powerful, who continue to take the side of Israel. And without a powerful country on their side, Palestine are still at a disadvantage.


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