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The CIA and GCHQ may be reading this…

If I included the words “jihad”, “plastic explosives” and “kill” in this blog post, do you think MI5 will be knocking on my door? I ask because GCHQ have been revealed to be spying on internet users. This after the news that America’s NSA had been supplied information on us by Facebook and Google. Given stuff I’ve shared and liked on Facebook, I wouldn’t be surprised if GCHQ or the NSA have me on a “dangerous lefty/anti fascist” watch list. Maybe I should stop using Facebook and Twitter to randomly insult members of the cabinet.

Anyway, what does this meaning for us – the general Facebook, Twitter and Google using public? Should we be worried about what we are typing into Google, in case we’re viewed as a terrorist? I mean, just because we are Googling stuff does not meant we are preparing terrorist attacks, we could just be researching a book (which is what I’m doing at the moment, Google). If we joke on twitter about making bombs, would that make us terrorists in the eyes of the security services? If someone writes poetry and sticks it on the internet about jihad, would that make them a terrorist? It seems the freedom to write, joke and imagine is now under threat. Especially if you put it online for spooks to read. Thought Crime appears to be an actual offence now.


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